Information for Speakers

Speakers will be able to upload their presentations on to the conference laptop in either Microsoft Powerpoint format or PDF format. Alternatively, it will be possible to connect your own laptop – standard AV connectors will be available. Please allow time to check that your presentation/laptop works correctly, prior to the session where you will be speaking.

Instructions for Posters

Please prepare your poster in A0 portrait format. Please put your poster up as soon as possible at the start of the conference.

Programme Timetable

Invited speakers have 35min for their talk and 10min for questions/discussion, contributed speakers have 20min for their talk and 5min for questions/discussion.

Week of Sep 12th

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12 September 2022(4 events)

14:00: Farias

14:45: Holst

16:15: Alexandrowicz

17:00: Rocca

13 September 2022(4 events)

09:00: Roncin

10:10: Brand

11:50: Saalfrank

14:00: Ellis

14 September 2022(5 events)

09:00: Tamtögl

10:10: Wodtke

11:25: Shirhatti

14:00: Dastoor

16:55: Auras

15 September 2022(2 events)

09:00: Alducin

10:10: Sacchi

16 September 2022